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This page is intended to address the most frequently asked questions and describe the services offered.


At your first visit please be prepared to complete a short health history form.  It is recommended, but not required, that you speak to your doctor about receiving massage therapy.  During your massage you will be fully draped, you may undress to your comfort level. Your modesty will be respected. Robes are available. My philosophy is that this is your massage so I encourage open communication so you get the results that you want.  Each massage is tailored to your specific needs.  I do not use
scented candles. I use unscented high quality massage creams. I use paraben free & organic creme when available.


Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is the most popular and basic massage. The therapist
uses techniques like kneading, friction & stretching. The pressure may
range from gentle to firm. Most people find this to be relaxing. The
other benefits may include; easing muscle tension & pain, improved
immune function, improved circulation, reduction of stress hormones,
promotes better sleep, increases endorphins (happy hormones), may help
manage chronic pain.

Pregnancy Massage

Many therapists will only offer a very light "relaxation" massage to
pregnant women. I will do that, but I also offer a therapeutic massage
designed to address your specific issues and get results. If you are
"High Risk" please get approval from your Doctor or Midwife before
considering massage. I have worked with many high risk moms with their
Doctor’s approval. Conservative massage may be done during the first
trimester, many women prefer to wait. There is no proven link between
massage & miscarriage, however if miscarriage is pending massage may
help the body release. Massage can continue to the end of the
pregnancy unless complications arise. I have extensive training and
experience. Your massage will be safe & appropriate for your body &
your baby. For the second & third trimesters I use a side lying
position for most moms. I use pillows & foam props to support the
joints and get you very comfortable. The table also has some extra
positioning options we may use for symptoms like heartburn. I do not
use a table or system that has a belly hole. My research found these
items not to be the best choice. Bathroom breaks are allowed during
the massage session. You may choose to have your belly massaged, but
this is not required. You may also choose full body massage or to only
have certain areas worked on to get maximum results. The benefits of
Pregnancy Massage are the same as Swedish with these additional
benefits; reduced swelling including wrists which can cause carpal
tunnel symptoms, balancing hormones, reducing depression/anxiety,
reducing joint paint, reduces leg cramps, relieves sciatic nerve pain,
helps increase blood circulation which delivers more oxygen and
nutrients to the mom and baby.

Post-partum Massage
The general guidelines for resuming massage after giving birth are 3
days for uncomplicated births and 6 weeks for C-section. You should
discuss this with your Doctor or Midwife. There are some circumstances
that would make massage appropriate sooner or you may need to wait
longer. When receiving massage after giving birth special attention
still needs to be given to positioning. It may take some time before
you can return to laying on your stomach, especially if you are
nursing & have tender breasts, or have had a C-section. Massage soon
after birth can relieve any strain on your muscles from birth, even
out your rapidly changing hormones, help your body adjust to the
changes it is experiencing, enhances lactation, may reduce risk of
post-partum depression, as well as all of the benefits of Swedish
Massage. You may also request abdominal massage to help your body
adjust & also to relieve subcutaneous scar tissue. Many new moms
benefit from regular massage to help their bodies deal with the extra
strain of carrying a newborn & all of their gear. Nursing moms may
experience greater strain from the extra demands of nursing & increase
in breast weight. If you don't want to be away from your baby you may
consider an in-home massage or making arrangements to bring your baby
with you (this seems to work best if a caregiver comes too). Nursing
is permitted during your session and is easily done with the side
lying massage.

Fertility Massage
Massage therapy can help your body prepare for pregnancy. I recommend
a series of sessions to improve your fertility & general health.
Generally one session does not produce a baby and I wouldn't want
clients to be misled. Infertility has many causes and in most cases
needs a multi-discipline approach to treat. Massage works well with
alternative medicine (herbs, acupuncture, Hypnotherapy) and
traditional medicine (medication, IVF, artificial insemination). We
will discuss your health history in detail and decide what techniques
to employ for maximum benefit. Our goals may be; stress reduction,
scar tissue release, hormonal balancing, increased abdominal
circulation, detoxification, energy balancing, improving digestive
function by clearing out the colon. I may use techniques including,
deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, Reiki, castor oil
packs, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral, abdominal massage, scar release
and reflexology. At no time will I do any internal massage, expose or
massage the genitals. All techniques are non-invasive. I will also
instruct you on some self care techniques you can do at home. Massage
can be used with IVF patients to relieve stress & reduce the side
effects of the medications. Timing is important when scheduling a
Fertility Massage. It is best to perform it during the first part of
your menstrual cycle, abdominal massage is not to be performed after
ovulation in case you may be pregnant already. Our goal is to decrease
roadblocks & make your body a nice place to call home for 9 months.

Private Infant Massage Instruction
Learn  the basics of infant massage.

Rates vary by service
Gift certificates available

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